Who do I owe money to? – Loans

Have the loans accumulated? Can’t remember who you owe money to and how much you owe? Borrowing money can quickly turn into a costly and costly affair. In order to be able to set the right plan for settling the debt and thus save money on unnecessary fees, it is important to form an overview of the loans you have. But how do you actually find out what loans you have? Fortunately, it’s simple. Just read below!

The first thing you need to do to find out who you owe money to is to divide your loans into two categories: government loans and private creditors .

Loans from the public


All public debt is registered on MASA’s self-service, where you can easily and easily see who you owe money to. Debt to the public sector includes, among other things, MASA, municipalities and other public authorities. In addition, you can also see if private companies have reported debt.

Loans from private creditors


When the debt to private creditors, such as mortgage lenders, banks and TV providers, needs to be found, it takes a little extra work. If you are registered in RKI or the Debtor Register you can either contact them by mail or log into their websites and get an overview of which creditors have registered. However, the amount you see in this may have received extra interest, Therefore, contact your creditors for the exact amount stated.

Another option is to find all the debts, bank statements and reminders that you may have at home.

loan credit

Once you have found all the creditors that you owe, then it is important to create an overview of the amount of loans so that you can repay them as soon as possible. Therefore, consider whether you need to set up a debt repayment plan, either by collecting the lump sum debt for a joint loan, which you can read about here.